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April update from the Chairman

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

As the new chair of Sheffield DA I am pleased to say that following our AGM last Saturday we have a strong committee of fourteen members. I would like to extend my thanks to members that attended the first zoom AGM, especially the committee who have put themselves up for re-election and to Lee Storey who joins the committee for the first time. I would also like to thank John Holroyd who has retired from the committee after many years of service to the DA. A special thank you to Iain Bonfield who after over 20 years and having become Sheffield DA's longest serving chair, has taken the decision to step back from the role; although we are fortunate that Iain remains part of the new committee for the remainder of his term.


Introducing your 2021 committee


Fixtures 2021

THS 2021 takes us back to Hutton-le-Hole, Bishopthorpe, Darley Dale and Criccieth, which once again is planned to coincide with the school holidays, so will be a great family holiday meet. Online booking is open for all THS, click here to book.

All fixtures are now available to view, print or download on our website, click here to view.


New for 2021

The plans are now well underway for our new themed meet in 2021 which is scheduled for 2nd – 4th July, the first weekend of our Darley Dale THS:

“A Celebration of Vintage and Classic Camping & Caravanning”

The theme is open to anything pre-Millennium and this is a participation event, so if you still have your old tent, stove, camp kitchen, Tilley, Pennons, photographs or anything that brings back Camping memories we'd love to see them again; the SDA archive will be on display too.

This is a great opportunity to dig out and show off your old gear and remember how camping used to be. If you are able to bring out any of your old gear please can you let us know what you have so that we can add into our planning, use the contact form.


Stewards 2021

A huge thanks to those who have volunteered to steward over the course of the first part of the season. We still require stewards for some of our early meets, Bamford, 7th - 9th May and King Sterndale, 14th - 16th May. Most pressing however are our THS at Hutton Le Hole in the glorious North York Moors National Park at Spring Bank where we need stewards for the first week (28th May - 5th June) and also Bishopthorpe, our fantastic early July THS close to the historic City of York.

The DA will provide all the hygiene consumables and support to stewards, plus your committee has agreed to offer free camping for the steward(s): this is a gesture of thanks for helping us to provide safe camping whilst the additional measures are required.

If you are in a position to steward one of our meets or THS please let any of your committee know or click here and fill out the online form.


Guidelines for Safe Camping

Covid-secure procedures for safe camping have been issued by the Camping and Caravanning Club to ensure compliance with Government Coronavirus guidance and laws. Sheffield DA aims to provide a safe and enjoyable camping environment and is absolutely committed to ensuring that our meets and THS are compliant with Government and Camping and Caravanning Club guidance. If I may ask you to review the procedures and make your own commitment to assist our volunteer stewards by taking individual responsibility to comply.

Before Departure from Home

You should not travel to site if you or any member of your party are showing any COVID-19 symptoms.

You will not be allowed any day visitors to site during your stay with us.

You are responsible for bringing your own hand sanitiser, face coverings and cleaning items with you.

Ensure you have your Club membership cards for all members of your party.

On Arrival

Please stop by the stewarding point. Only the lead camper should leave the vehicle to book in when requested to do so by the steward.

The lead camper will be asked to confirm that nobody in their party have any COVID-19 symptoms. Every individual is required to act responsibly and honestly in order to protect others and if symptoms are present the whole party will not be permitted on site and will be asked to leave and seek medical help.

The lead camper will also be asked to confirm that they have read and accept these procedures.

Maintain social distancing in accordance with Local Government guidelines. Do not enter the stewarding tent or shelter.

The stewards must keep an up to date log with contact details of who is on site in order to comply with track and trace, this will usually be the contact telephone number which you provided on booking. This data will be destroyed 21 days after the closure of the site.


You will receive instructions from the stewards. Please observe Camping and Caravanning Club rules and to ensure social distancing a minimum of 6m between units should be achieved.

On Site

Maintain social distancing in accordance with Government guidelines.

Do not allow children to roam or wander about the site unsupervised.

You are on an individual pitch and not a social event or gathering, the space outside your unit is for your group only and you should not mix with other groups except as permitted under Government guidelines at that time.

You should not gather on site or in caravans and awnings unless permitted to do so under Government guidelines prevailing at that time.

Should You or any of your party develop Symptoms

You should inform the site stewards whilst maintaining an appropriate social distance.

Return home immediately (if fit to do so), seek medical attention and follow Government guidelines for reporting.

Water Taps

Only adults are permitted to use the water taps.

Use your own wipe on the tap before and after use and take the used wipe away for disposal in your own unit and wash your hands.

The taps will be wiped down frequently throughout the day by the site stewards.

Chemical Disposal Points (CDP)

An area will be marked out around the CDP, only one person at a time in the area

It is recommended that you wear a face covering and single use gloves (provided by yourself) while emptying the toilet.

In the event of a spillage you should clean this up immediately.

The CDP area will be frequently cleaned by the site stewards.

Bins/Waste Disposal Skip (if applicable)

Use your own wipe on the lid or handles or use single use gloves, take the used wipe and any gloves away for disposal in your own unit and wash your hands.

Waste should be bagged, and bin bags should be securely tied to contain contents.

Lids and handles will be wiped down frequently throughout the day by the site stewards.

Out and About from Site

Please remember to maintain social distancing and respect the local community.

If it is necessary to open and close a gate, sanitise your hands afterwards.

Departure from Site and Payment

If payment was not made on arrival, the lead camper should arrange to pay their fees prior to departure with the steward.

Payments by cheque will not be accepted.

Electronic payment - we do offer contactless payment where possible, please check with the steward if this is available on site.

Cash please tender the correct amount due.


We're gearing up for what we hope will be a great camping season ahead, something I'm sure we are all looking forward to more than ever. I hope to see you all very soon, ideally back out in a field and smiling.

If you wish to continue to receive these In The Field newsletters plus any other information from Sheffield DA throughout the year, please register on our website,; this allows us to store your details securely, construct newsletters and also add member-only content. We can ensure we are compliant with all data protection regulations and you have the ability to control your own details.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, just click/tap on the icons below.

I hope to see you all in a field very soon.

Rob Lees


Sheffield DA

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