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In The Field | Autumn 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Autumn News and Updates Rob Lees, Chairman, Sheffield DA.

Dear all Welcome to Sheffield DA's Autumn update.

I hope you all had a great Summer holiday season, it was good to start to see some signs of camping normality return after what has been a very challenging period and just like that, Autumn is upon us, the schools are back and the holidays are behind us! The good news is there is so much more to look forward to over the next few weeks as we enter the Autumn DA programme. As we move into Autumn I would just like to explain a bit about our continuing request for online meet booking. As a committee we have decided to continue with meet bookings for the rest of 2021, this is for two reasons: firstly, we still live in uncertain times and by taking bookings we are able to quickly and efficiently contact members if the meet is cancelled or anything changes; secondly, we are still asking the stewards to greet each unit upon arrival in order to comply with the Club Green Paper requirements, so advance booking allows us to pre-populate the stewards sheet and so make the task a little less onerous. We will review this for 2022 and hopefully we will be able to go back to our previous arrangements, perhaps reserving booking only for the more popular meets and THS where we need to have a handle on capacity. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Finally, the traditional call for stewards. As you will appreciate it takes a lot of time and effort to arrange camping events across the year yet the final requirement to allow us to host a meet is for stewards because no stewards means no meet, it's that simple. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have stepped forward in 2021, it is sincerely appreciated. We still need stewards for some of the remaining meets so if you are able to volunteer the DA would be grateful of your support. Only two meets remain to be filled and the details are later in this newsletter.

Temporary Holiday Sites Our Summer THS proved extremely popular once again this year, in fact we think they were the most successful ever with Darley Dale attracting over 180 units and Criccieth over 120 units; both holiday sites recording over 600 unit nights. A huge thank you to the stewards who volunteered to run these holiday sites, not only providing wonderful holidays for the members but also it is primarily the holiday sites that secure the funds that keep the DA in such good financial shape.

CCY News September saw the resumption of the National Youth Rally having been cancelled in 2020 and once again postponed in 2021 from the normal slot in July with Sheffield CCY joining Yorkshire Region on the coach to Malvern, hosted by Cambrian & Wyvern Region. Well done to Sheffield CCY, all of whom were attending their first National and we should all extend our gratitude to our Youth Leaders (and RYLO) Karen & Charlie, Paul & Alison, for giving the kids this experience, thank you. In upcoming news, the CCY leaders have organised a trip out from our Sherwood Forest meet to Go Ape, so the Youth will be literally swinging from the rafters! Additionally, the Winter Youth Rally has been scheduled for February and Silverwood Scount Camp, so it's fantastic to see CCY events now getting back on-track. Well done RYLO and CCY leaders. On a related CCY note, the National Youth Chairman Phil Grant is fund raising for next years NYR by taking on the Three Peaks Challenge, which will see three members attempt Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and then Snowdon, all within 24 hours. The funds are to provide CCY activities at next years National, which is hosted by North East Region. If you would like to support this please here to access the JustGiving page for details and to donate.

Feast of Lanterns 2021 The FOL is planned for Marton & Gate Burton meet, October 1st – 3rd where we will once again decorate our camping units and compete for the Blatherwick Cup as we have done since 1935: the theme for 2021 is “Nautical”. There's still plenty of space so click here to book and get your thinking caps on.


Photography Competition Sheffield DAs photography competition 2021 will take place at Ashford-in-the-Water meet, 15th – 17th October so remember to get your images planned. They don’t have to be from this year but keep the themes in mind and the camera handy all the same. The Village Hall is a large indoor space so with some slight amendments to the proceedings we feel we can host this in a safe manner, so get snapping! The categories are: Camping; Reflection; Colours of the Rainbow; Vintage; Clocks; Animals. One entry per adult per category, CCJ and CCY are open subject, unlimited entries.


Bonfire Meet 2021 Bonfire meet 2021 is scheduled for Torksey, 29th - 31st October where we will have traditional celebrations covering Halloween and Bonfire Night. Please do book ahead for this meet, click here for details. If you're coming along to Torksey then raid the shed or that old stack in the garden that you've been meaning to sort out and bring along some wood, we'll dispose of it for free and make the bonfire spectacular.


Meets 2021 In addition to the featured meets, the following meets are available to book for the remainder of the season: Marton & Gate Burton. 1st–3rd October. This meet will be Sheffield DA’s 2021 Feast of Lanterns. This meet will be great for all the family with the FOL theme for 2021 "Nautical". Sherwood Forest. 8th - 10th October. This is a popular site with easy access to the recently opened Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre where you can explore the legend of Robin Hood and take a stroll to the famous Major Oak. Cyclists of all abilities are catered for, from the serious red-route of the Kitchener Trail through to a number of gentle family trails meandering through the forest. Ashford in the Water. 15th–17th October. This beautiful Peak District village is a popular attraction in itself but the site location at the top of the village makes it easy to reach the Monsal Trail, offering a safe off-road trail for cyclists and walkers. Keep the date for Saturday night which as mentioned above, will see Sheffield DA’s annual photographic competition. Blyth. 22nd - 24th October. The venue is Blyth Cricket Club. Blyth is a small village but is well situated for visitors wishing to explore North Nottinghamshire. The cricket club on the edge of the Village sits adjacent to the River Ryton. Blyth village dates back to the Domesday book and enjoys a rich history as former host to a significant Benedictine monastery, believed to date back to 1088. Torksey Scout Camp. 29th - 31st October. Torksey is a small village adjacent to the River Trent, a location that defines it's history which stretches back to the Roman period, when the Foss Dyke crossed the River Trent via a system of locks. Torksey Lock is a popular spot for walking, wildlife or leisure boating. The Fossdyke Canal Trail is a recreational route running alongside the Roman canal between Saxilby and Lincoln and extends beyond to Torksey Lock. Torksey is the venue for Sheffield DA Bonfire meet 2021.


Stewards We are calling for stewards for the following two meets:

  • Sherwood Forest Holiday Park. 8th - 10th October

  • Blyth Cricket Club. 22nd - 24th October.

Don't forget that for 2021 your committee has extended the free camping for stewards arrangements to the end of this season, so if you are able to steward any of the above please let Rob know or use the contact form on the website.


Green Cards The Green Card is the Sheffield DA loyalty scheme where members camping at a Sheffield DA meet get the signature of a committee member and when the card is full the card can be exchanged for a £10 voucher, redeemable for Sheffield DA site fees or regalia. Although we have suspended the handling of Green Cards during the pandemic for hygiene reasons, the scheme is still operating and members are invited to fill-in your own card for each meet attended, leaving the signature box blank so that when we are able to resume handling your meets will be validated and vouchers issued. The Green Card scheme is open to Sheffield DA members and members from other DAs and sections so if you do not have a Green Card please tell the stewards at your next meet and we will arrange to issue one to you.

That’s all for now, you’re all up-to-date but more than ever it is worth keeping across SDA website and social media for the latest status and information. Hope to see you all soon Rob Lees Chairman, Sheffield DA

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