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A picture is worth a thousand words

Sheffield DA annual Photographic Competition will take place at our Ashford in the Water meet, 12th - 14th October: the event is planned for Saturday evening in the village hall.

As a reminder, this year’s photo competition categories are:

  • Camping: As it says

  • Green: Anything predominantly green

  • Retro: Something of style, fashion, etc from the recent past

  • Happy Couples: A photo that captures the moment

  • Snow and Ice: Should be plenty from last winter

  • What's That!!! A photo that’s hard to explain.

You may enter one photo 152mm x 102mm max  per category, per person, with no digital re-touching.

CCJ (0-11) and CCY (12-21) section will be ‘open’ subject, unlimited entries.

All photos must have been taken by the entrant. Please hand your photos in on the evening and please put on the back of the photo (post it note will do) which category you wish to enter the photo. 

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