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Historically significant Lincolnshire village


Torksey is a small village adjacent to the River Trent, a location that defines it's history which stretches back to the Roman period, when the Foss Dyke crossed the River Trent via a system of locks.  Viking artefacts have been discovered at Torksey, which is mentioned in the AD872 Ango-Saxon chronicle as a Viking winter camp.

Things to do...

Torksey Lock is a popular spot for walking, wildlife or leisure boating.  The Fossdyke Canal Trail is a recreational route running alongside the Roman canal between Saxilby and Lincoln and extends beyond to Torksey Lock.  The ancient city of Lincoln enjoys many attractions and Gainsborough is a short drive to the north.


Torksey is situated adjacent to the River Trent in Lincolnshire, nine miles north-west of Lincoln and 7 miles south of Gainsborough.

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