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Thornhill, Bamford

Ideally located in the popular Hope Valley


Thornhill is located in the Hope Valley between Hathersage and Castleton and a short drive from Ladybower Reservoir.  The attractive village of Hope dates back to Domesday book and throughout the Valley there is a rich history including evidence of a Roman settlement. Lose Hill and Win Hill stand tall and enigmatic as the site of a legendary but unsubstantiated site of a Dark Age battle between Wessex and Mercia giving rise to their names.

Things to do...

The Hope Valley and surrounding area offer the visitor a variety of options.  Walkers flock to the breathtaking Great Ridge and also the start of the Pennine Way at Edale.  Hope and Castleton offer less strenuous options, the latter overlooked by the 11th Century Peveril Castle. Castleton is a popular destination rich with shops and boutiques offering the famous semi-precious Blue John, plus the show caverns: Peak, Speedwell, Blue John and Trek Cliff, offer an exciting option.  The spectacular Winnats Pass alongside Mam Tor, the "shimmering mountain", complete the iconic landscape vista. Nearby Fairholmes visitor centre is an ideal base to explore the Ladybower and Derwent Reservoirs in the upper Derwent Valley, famous and commemorated practice site for the 617 "Dambusters" squadron.


Thornhill is situated just off the A6187 close to the Bamford turn, half way between Hathersage and Castleton.

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