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Midsummer Sommeliers

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

With temperatures set to soar we are all set for another scorching weekend at Tansley for Sheffield DA's annual Cheese and Wine tasting.

All members are invited to join us at Sunnyside Farm, Knabhall Lane, Tansley near Matlock. This elevated site offers open views across the Derwent Valley and beyond and can be regarded as the southern gateway to the Peak District.

This will be our Cheese and Wine weekend which is always a fun evening, just bring along a bottle of wine to enter. The emphasis is very much on fun and variety is the spice of life, so be a bit imaginative and test those Oz Clarke's and Jilly Goolden's out there to see if they can actually tell-apart the top shelf from the bottom, or indeed bring a home creation. It's all blind tasting and all is revealed at the end!

Prizes will be awarded for the best bottle (well ok, top-rated) whilst the bottom of the pile goes home with the much coveted slops bucket! Cheese, Pate and biscuits will be provided by the DA.

Click here for site information.

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