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Certificate of Honour

On behalf of Sheffield DA and the members, we extend warm congratulations to our chairman, Mr Iain Bonfield on the presentation of the Camping and Caravanning Club Certificate of Honour at the Yorkshire Region Meet.

The Certificates are awarded for services rendered to camping and caravanning, giving us an opportunity of saying thank you in a tangible way to those who have been of exceptional or outstanding service to the Club. This honour is richly deserved, and Sheffield DA is privileged to have benefitted from the leadership, support and guidance that Iain has provided over the years, with gratitude also of course extended to Iain’s wife Cathy, who has always been Iain’s number one ‘wing-man’; we thank them both.

Iain Bonfield standing on stage to receive his Certificate of Honour at Yorkshire Region Meet
Iain Bonfield receives Certificate of Honour at Yorkshire Region Meet

Iain’s commitment to the Club and specifically to Sheffield DA is extraordinary. As a member of the Club stretching back to his childhood and enjoying CCY days with Leeds DA, camping is in his DNA, indeed he met his wife Cathy through the CCY and Bridge Group and made lifelong friends along the way.

Despite his job calling for him to live 125 miles away from Sheffield in Evesham, Worcestershire, not only did (and do) Iain and Cathy continue to camp with Sheffield most weekends, but also Iain served on the Sheffield DA committee for many years, including 22 very successful years since 1999, as Chairman. In an exceptional demonstration of commitment, involved a 5 hour round trip from Evesham to Sheffield every month for the Monday evening committee meetings, often having arrived back in Evesham from camping with Sheffield DA the previous evening! After a two-year break from the Chair (although remaining on the DA committee in the role of social secretary), Iain has now taken up the reigns again for a second stint.

Iain and Cathy taking centre stage for the Certificate of on our ceremony
Iain and Cathy taking centre stage for the Certificate of on our ceremony

Without doubt, Iain Bonfield is a Sheffield DA legend; he is committed to the Club, the DA, the members and particularly CCY and CCJ development. Indeed, as proud grandparents, Iain and Cathy have already introduced the next generation of Bonfield’s to the caravan and with a strong group of Sheffield DA CCJ now beginning to move into CCY, the DA’s commitment to youth camping is unswerving from Iain’s committee team and our fantastic youth leaders.

Iain is now Sheffield DA’s longest serving chairman, surpassing the period in office of ‘Pop’ Snowden, who was our founding chairman in 1934, so it is fitting that Iain will lead us into 2024, which is our 90th birthday year. Look out for upcoming announcements commencing because it promises to be a special year, commencing with our 90th birthday dinner dance on 24th January 2024.

Sheffield DA

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