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Annual General Meeting 2023

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Sheffield DA is delighted to announce a successful AGM with committee and officers appointed for 2023.

The DA expresses it's gratitude to Rob Lees who steps down from the Chair and takes a break from committee after thirteen years, however Rob has kindly volunteered to continue the excellent work he does on sites on a non-committee basis; Rob will be supported by committee.

The role of Chair has been filled by a name familiar to us all, Mr Iain Bonfield, who takes the chain of office after a two year absence, so many thanks to Iain for stepping forwards once again.

Paul Wilmot will continue in the role of Vice Chair and Communications Officer, with Phil Emms agreeing to accept a newly created second Vice Chair position.

Other officer posts are retained by the incumbents, and we welcome a new committee member Rachael Wilmot. Look out for further committee appointments in the coming days.

Special mention to the recipient of the Sheffield DA "Outstanding in the Field", awarded this year to John Pashley, in recognition of his support for the DA and members.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all Sheffield DA members that supported the AGM and to Yorkshire Region representatives, Brian and Judith Jamieson.

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