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2G or not 2G, that is the question

Well ok, the internet connection (or lack of it) was a topic of conversation but no-one was missing looking down at their screens with such a stunning 360 degree backdrop for this Sheffield DA meet!

Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill (pronounced locally Kroom Hill) collectively form one of the most iconic  scenes in the Peak District and Dowell Hall Farm sits right between the two providing a breathtaking vista.

Saturday saw the best of the weather and so the family walk took us to Lud's Church just over the border in Staffordshire.  This geological feature, reputed to have been a secret place of Christian worship in the 15th Century, provided an interesting destination. After a bit of rock scrambling to descend Lud's, including photobombing a bridal shoot, the group stopped for refreshments (and ice cream) before returning.  Rob and the girls clearly had not used up all their energy though with an impressive scaling of Parkhouse Hill just before dinner.

This site is all about the location though and a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go...

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