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Marton and Gate Burton

Historically significant Lincolnshire village dating back to the Roman period


Marton village hosts a small community adjacent to the River Trent in Lincolnshire.  Historically it has been established that Marton was the location of a Roman fort guarding a crossing point on the Trent linking Lincoln and York avoiding the challenge of a River Humber crossing.

Things to do...

Marton is situated about 5 miles south of Gainsborough and twelve miles from Lincoln.  Both these towns enjoy a rich heritage that is worthy of a visit.  The former was a major Mercian city for the Anglo-Saxon period and established as an important inland port.  Lincoln is a tourist destination with a host of attractions.  This historically significant city is famous for it's impressive Cathedral which dates back to the early Norman conquest.


Marton is located adjacent to the River Trent on the Lincolnshire side, five miles to the south of Gainsborough.

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